‘Vigor Tanguero’ CD Reviews

“The music portrayed in this album is a very moving, passionate, even daring statement, building a bridge between tango’s glorious past and its even brighter future.”  Marco Cangiano – The New York City Record Review, June 2018

“Pedro’s fantastic bass work is joined by high-energy players (Nick Danielson-violin, Rodolfo Zanetti-bandoneón, Emilio Teubal-piano), will thrill listeners who want LIFE to be a part of their music… whirling, swirling and all points in between…” Dick Metcalf – Contemporary Fusion Reviews, May 2018 (Full Review)

“Engaging throughout with it’s twist and turns, thrills and spills, this set opens the tango ears in fine fashion to new possibilities and vibes. Tasty throughout, this is most righteous Argentine party on a platter.” Chris Spector– Midwest Record, May 2018 (Full Review)

“…this performance is also possibly his finest – one on which he could clearly rest his laurels, should he choose to do so.” Raul da Gama – LatinJazzNet June 2018 (Full Review)

Giraudo’s treatment of the music associated with tango is masterful. The moody, dynamic music presented here teaches listeners about the basics of tango and how it can be interpreted, while also presenting Giraudo’s own themes.” Dodie Miller-Gould – LemonWire (Full Review)