Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet

Latin GRAMMY Award winner bassist and composer Pedro Giraudo is among the most compelling tango artists today. After two decades performing with the most important interpreters of tango, Pedro Giraudo debuted his own Tango Orchestra at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing in July 2015 and since then has become an active cultural ambassador of this beautiful and passionate music of his native Argentina.

Among the many noteworthy events in his career, in 2018 his record ‘Vigor Tanguero’ won the Latin GRAMMY for best tango album, in 2014 Pedro recorded bass on Ruben Blades’ CD “Tangos”, which won two Grammy Awards. He is also the musical director of Tango for All’s “Blind”,  Mariela Franganillo Company’s “Tango Connection” and “Tango Recuerdo,” and performed with many of the most prominent tango ensembles including Pablo Ziegler (Piazzolla’s pianist), Luis Bravo’s “Forever Tango,” Hector Del Curto Quintet,” and Daniel Binelli’s “Tango Metropolis.” [More in Bio.]

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2018 Latin GRAMMY Award winning ‘Vigor Tanguero’



“His arrangements have the ducking countermelodies and cross talk of a Bob Brookmeyer chart, and the feisty footwork of Astor Piazzolla’s up-tempo tunes.” – Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times

“The music portrayed in this album is a very moving, passionate, even daring statement, building a bridge between tango’s glorious past and its even brighter future.” Marco Cangiano, The New York City Record Review

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  • March 18th 2021, Terraza 7, 7pm OUTDOORS!
  • April 2nd 2021, Tango Show @ Key West, FL
  • April 3rd 2021, Tango Show @ Key West, FL
  • April 4th 2021, Tango Show @ Key West, FL
  • April 15th 2021, Terraza 7, 7pm OUTDOORS!
  • May 20th 2021, Terraza 7, 7pm OUTDOORS!
  • June 17th 2021, Terraza 7, 7pm OUTDOORS!
  • July 15th 2021, Terraza 7, 7pm OUTDOORS!
  • October 9-10 2021, Richmond Folk Festival (VA)
  • November 21st 2021, with Nimbus Dance Company @ NJPAC

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