As Bandleader

Impulso Tanguero

The quartet’s new album is a classic example of Pedro Giraudo’s contemporary tango style which so elegantly and seamlessly crosses over to the world of chamber music. (2021)

Vigor TangueroVigor Tanguero – Latin GRAMMY winner

After releasing five remarkable jazz albums, his gaze was captured by the glint of tango. (2018)

An Argentinian in New YorkAn Argentinian in New York

On November 29, 2016, the WDR Big Band performed a program of six of Pedro’s compositions to a packed house at the WDR Funkhaus in Köln.  (2018)


Cuentos showcases the talents of many of New York’s most in-demand instrumentalists and allows the leader’s composing and arranging prowess to take center stage. (2015)


A stunning new big band release from New York-based bassist-composer Pedro Giraudo features eight originals, all powerful musical memories of his Argentine home province, Córdoba. (2011)

elviajeEl Viaje

Pedro Giraudo further solidifies his reputation with his  jazz orchestra in dazzling form,  through a set of original works that defy conventional big band thinking. (2009)


Desconsuelo is broad, dramatic and majestic. Giraudo’s arrangements draw from early Ellington, and Gil Evans, and modern big band orchestration and work over traditional rhythms from Argentina.  (2006)

Mr Vivo CD CoverMr Vivo

Pedro Giraudo’s exciting New York City octet which showcases compositions, that combine jazz, tango, South American and Argentine folk music. (2003)

destinycoverDestiny of Flowers

My very first CD as a band leader. A live recording at my graduation recital at Manhattan School of Music. Unfortunately this is CD is out of print. (2000)

GRAMMY Award winning and nominated albums

2020 Latin Grammy Award –  Gustavo Casenave ‘Fuelle y Cuerda’
2019 Latin Grammy Nomination – Pablo Ziegler ‘Radiotango’
2018 Latin Grammy Award – Pedro Giraudo ‘Vigor Tanguero’
2016 Latin Grammy Nomination – Gustavo Casenave ‘Mi Familia’
2014 Grammy Award – Ruben Blades ‘Tangos’
2014 Latin Grammy Award – Ruben Blades ‘Tangos’
2013 Latin Grammy Nomination – Julio Botti ‘Tango Nostalgias’
2012 Latin Grammy Nomination – Gustavo Casenave ‘Project Time’

As Bassist

        luz pinosStoewSol Negro - Gustavo CasenaveLa Llegada - Adam TullyTAPA CD MI FAMILIA Cheatin' Iud Gregor 2 Manhattan Camerata 2 Ruben-Blades-Tangos Perfect Blue Cover Chiemi julio botti Eleonora Bianchini Eternal Piazzolla Tango casenave Achilles Aruan Ortiz Huebner Erwin Moretto Jose Conde Manhattan Camerata Layout 1  Trova Gizelxanath Rodriguez Marta Hernandez Marta Hernandez 2 CD - Nick retratocover Our disappeared Baby loves salsaUTT CD Cover  nicole CD cover  Fernando Otero Pagina de Buenos Aires Casenave Project time  Anna Saeki DVD WCepeda cover Flor Noctura Cover Jose Conde 2  hectors_cd_cover_sm La Marea Anna Saeki CD Cover David Ullman Nu Guajiro Paciencia Lucia Pulido Ancarola 2 Jose Conde Ay Lila  Fernando Otero Plan Amor por el tango esencia Arjona nuguajiro diez CD Cover zvimigdal JCF Cover Coba  taconeando_frontcover2 Ancarola NY Tango Berretinieando Art Dept. bluevioletSurrender Tango Dalai Lama Halac Iscaro

As Composer

   Comechingonia  Ryan Keio  

As Arranger

Global Jazz Orchestra Renaud SJO Anna Saeki WC Bomba sinfonica

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